Happy Valentine’s Day 2020

Love is not just about possessions, physical presence or living together; it’s about liberation, creating memories and impacting lives around us. 💕

Today is Valentine’s Day and wishing all the lovely couples out there to create best of memories and cherish love (the most beautiful feeling created by the Almighty) with your loved one 💐🙏 ❤️

On Valentine’s day, social entrepreneur and author of book ‘God Is Not Fair?’ did this podcast (Love, Kal Aaj aur kal) on Kusum and mine love story. Link to listen ths podcast 👇 (Language: Hindi; Duration: 14:35 mins;  also available on Google podcast, Apple podcast, Jio Saavn podcast)



One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day 2020

  1. Hello Vivek uncle and Suryansh….. I am kaashvi saini if u have forgotten me (I hope not). I was scrolling on Google and found the article about kusum aunty and I was filled with grief and sorrow. Around 4 yrs back I was there and used to see her I felt good (I don’t know why) but after reading the article I felt someone I knew well passed. I am very sad may her soul rest on peace.



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