e-learning course on “Cancer Fundamentals and Awareness”

If you want to make a change in the system, then the best way is not only to focus on policy makers but also to bring onboard and educate the huge workforce & stakeholders who works on the ground!!

I am humbled to be able to contribute in such initiative as my volunteer work while working with ‘Ministry of Education (Government of India)’ and ‘Indian Cancer Society, Delhi’, to develop an e-learning course on “Cancer Fundamentals and Awareness”.  

The target is to train a million of ground workforce including field health functionaries, social workers, hospital volunteers and students, who work in upto last remote areas of India.

I have covered two modules of this course i.e. ‘Clinical Trials’ from patients perspective and ‘Best practice of Cancer Caregiver’ (my wife kusum’s case study) that is now being taught through this e-course across India.

I am honored to contribute along with top researchers & oncologist of country & WHO…and for an initiative that has potential to make a change in the system by educating those who would be touching lives on the ground, and indeed the love & satisfaction I am getting through such work.

For humanity, For Kusum,

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