Helping Hands

Yesterday, an oncologist from a leading hospital in India contacted me for free TKI / medicine support for his IMT ALK+ve cancer patient. When I enquired, I found that patient is a 2.5 year old kid. The cost of TKI/ medicine is too high and kid’s parents can not afford. They have aleady tried and no mechanism or support either from that company or from governent.

It was heart wrenching to see such a small kid fighting with Cancer and than helplessness & pain of his parents for not able to purchase the medicine.

But I am so happy and proud that on my request, so many helping hands came from ALK+ve India patients support group, which Kusum and I cofounded with same reason to help others. Only within one hr, lakhs of INR/ Rs worth medicine arranged at completely free of cost for the family, that would be enough for months for that small kid.

This brave kid just took 1st dose..So proud of my ALK+ve patient group family for helping and supporting while fighting their own fight with Cancer..All love and wishes!!

For years, we (including by those who have medicine leftover after progession of Cancer or many like me, whose loved one passed away) have donated millions of worth of costly cancer medicines and we will continue to do the same, as there are many who can’t afford to even start the treatment.

I am going to have a good sleep tonight and I am sure Kusum will be coming to meet me in my dreams today 🙂

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