Ecosystem for R&D, Innovation & Start-Up in India

I was invited by FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry) and Government of India, to become panelist and speaker at “India Pharma 2020 summit in Gandhinagar, Gujarat for an extremely important topic for cancer patients i.e.  “Ecosystem for R&D, Innovation & Start-Up in India

It was an important and unique opportunity as:
– Patients in India has no voice and at such platforms with key stakeholders, patients & their voice are nowhere.
– Esteemed fellow panelist from Government (including India and US (Dr Patrick Kilbride, Sr VP, US chamber of commerce)), senior leaders of Industry (including from Pfizer, Novartis, Cadila etc.) & Academic Researchers (including Director NIPER).

Therefore, I tried my best and ensured to share #Patients Voice to:

> make better eco-system & access to #Research in India.

> make patients as #partner with Govt, Industry, Academics & Clinicians in the system.

Hope they heard patients’ point, loud and clear…and we will see more research in India…Finger crossed!!


#Research Save Lives
#Rise To Survive Cancer
#Losing Is Not An Option

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Reaction of Kusum after taking 1st dose of Research Medicine in Clinical Trial

As you know, my wife & life, Kusum Malik Tomar who was given only 6 months to live, lived 7 years with her stage 4 cancer (was longest survivor of her type of cancer in India) and it was become possible because of research only and those 6 clinical trials/ research medicine.

There is lot of misunderstanding in India about clinical trails. Clinical trials can provide access to new treatmnet and Research medicines, which is life saving in cases like Cancer where time and access to latest treatment is key…….

Therefore, for advocacy and to help patients & family understand about importance of research and clinilca trials, would like to share this link ( of 22  seconds video clip of Kusum where she is sharing her experience after taking first dose of research medicine under clinical trial.

# Research Saves Life

# Losing Is Not An Option

# Rise To Survive Cancer