No one is immune to disease/ illness

In whatever profession we are, we need to remember that no one (be it a Doctor or Policy maker or Politician or Rich or Poor) is immune to disease/ illness. We will be a patient or caregiver for one disease or other, in our lifetime. We can’t see current patients community as a 2nd party or not our community.

When today we have strength or resources or time, we should invest to make things better for their today because that will make our future better, when we will become a patient or caregiver.

At World Conference on Lung Cancer 2022

I am back at home, after a successful World Lung Cancer Conference in Vienna, with a number of workshops, learning, new partnerships, and meetings.

It was an honour and a huge responsibility to properly represent lung cancer patients from LMICs like India and to create new partnerships with patient advocates & groups from South Africa, Nigeria, US, UK, EU, Iran, etc., and as well as global oncogene focused patient support groups for ALK, EGFR, KRAS & ROS1.

Further, it was indeed great to have the opportunity to be able to raise concern on disparities in lung cancer treatment.

There was a lot of data presented on research as well as in areas like Air Pollution, which is now officially no. 2 cause of Lung cancer after tobacco; Significant increase of lung cancer cases in females…which will help in advocacy efforts to remove the stigma of lung cancer that it is not only a smoker’s disease….”Anyone with lungs can have lung cancer“.