Global Lung Cancer Patient Council meeting

I was recently in Zurich, Switzerland, to attend the Global Lung Cancer Patient Council meeting, supported by Roche. I was the only and first-ever patient advocate from India and the APAC region at this council. This has made it a great opportunity as well as a responsibility. For the next few days, there was amazing brainstorming, collaboration, and partnership-building to create ways to help the lung cancer patient community globally especially for LMICs.

The first material, which was developed by the Global Lung Patient Council, is going to be released soon, so watch this space.

In the attached photos, the first group photo with kind of dancing post is of the council where most of members are lung cancer patients and few caregivers, but with this energy, it is hard to guess. The second photo is of my friend “Alexandra Nunez” from Costa Rica, who has been fighting lung cancer for 12 years. Lucky for me, she allowed me to accompany her while she visited the peak of Mt. Titlis.

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