Ecosystem for R&D, Innovation & Start-Up in India

I was invited by FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry) and Government of India, to become panelist and speaker at “India Pharma 2020 summit in Gandhinagar, Gujarat for an extremely important topic for cancer patients i.e.  “Ecosystem for R&D, Innovation & Start-Up in India

It was an important and unique opportunity as:
– Patients in India has no voice and at such platforms with key stakeholders, patients & their voice are nowhere.
– Esteemed fellow panelist from Government (including India and US (Dr Patrick Kilbride, Sr VP, US chamber of commerce)), senior leaders of Industry (including from Pfizer, Novartis, Cadila etc.) & Academic Researchers (including Director NIPER).

Therefore, I tried my best and ensured to share #Patients Voice to:

> make better eco-system & access to #Research in India.

> make patients as #partner with Govt, Industry, Academics & Clinicians in the system.

Hope they heard patients’ point, loud and clear…and we will see more research in India…Finger crossed!!


#Research Save Lives
#Rise To Survive Cancer
#Losing Is Not An Option

Panel 1Panel 2Panel 3

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