Happy Birthday Kusum

Legends never die, but they are born!!
Today is the birthday of such a legend, today is the birthday of the girl who has given hope to millions by her courage, positivity, strength and advocacy to help other patients…..
Hey @Kusum – Happy Birthday my love 🎂❤️….Your birthday celebration this year too, like every year, as you have always wanted and celebrated , was with underprivileged special need kids (you know some of these kids still remember you, though they have bit grown up now 😃) and at visually impaired kids school from below poverty line 🙏 …You have fun in heaven, we are celebrating here 🎊🎉, though missing you a lot today…..

Rise To Survive Cancer

Today is the day when a flower bloomed on this earth who in her very short span of time spread fragrance wherever she went and that still persists in the air, in the minds and hearts of those lives she touched….Happy Birthday dear Vibha…May this message reaches you in whatever realm you are currently residing in. We all on this earth miss you very much

Dear Kusum aka our Vibha,

Hey birthday girl….I am sure whereever you are, there will be only love, happiness and today even lot more fun and laughs 🙂 …..Lucky they!!

Though missing badly all those laughs and you….but we are not much behind here on earth….We are celebrating your bday, in same way, as you used to celebrate every year

Day start with, to went to ‘Deepashram’ home for underprevilaged special needs kids…and spent hours there in morning with those kids and…

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