Lung Cancer Consortium Asia

IMG-20171217-WA0008Much needed conference on Lung Cancer as “Lung Cancer Consortium Asia” has happened in Mumbai, India.

It was great honor for me to present as panelist while having the big responsibility to rightly represent Lung Cancer patients, caregivers in India along with global patient support gp of NSCLC ALK+ patients.

“Lung Cancer Consortium Asia” conference has also provided rare opportunity of open, direct, honest discussion between country’s best Oncologists, Radiologist & Lung Cancer Patients, NGOs..Great discussion, Great Learning for all

Kudos to the organizers especially to Dr. Kumar Prabhash (Prof. Dept of Medical Oncology, Head Thoracic oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital). Such a humble, caring Doctor – think, talk and work only for patients

#LungCancerAdvocacy #RiseToSurviveCancer

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