Got IASLC Patient Advocacy award 2018 #LungCancer #LCSM

I am so pleased to share that I have been awarded with prestigious international “Patient Advocacy Award for 2018” by esteemed “International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC)” 🙂, considering my advocacy work for Lung Cancer and service to thousands of Cancer patients & families in India………The award would be presented at “World Conference of Lung Cancer” (#WCLC2018) in Toronto, Canada later this month/ September 2018. As big part of this award, I would have access to world conference and trip sponsorship 🙂

I am felling humbled and proud at same time, as going to represent our country #India and its Lung Cancer Patients and families at World Conference of Lung Cancer in Canada.

#IASLC #WCLC2018 is such a great opportunity to meet & learn from worlds best Doctors, Researchers and Patient Advocates and I really hoping and wishing that I would be able to do more and better work to save & serve more and more cancer patients to live longer & quality life with their family & friends in #India.

I would indeed need your support to fulfill this uphill task to change Cancer patients situation in India.

And most importantly, I am out of words on how to express my thanks to my love Kusum Malik Tomar and Suryansh for exceptional support & understanding as all time going in this work, is only possible after deduction from their time/ family time #LoveToMoonAndBack

#WCLC2018 #Hope #LCSM 



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