Appointed in Advisory Board for Cancer Research by Government of India


I am so pleased to share that I have been appointed in Advisory Board by Government of India for an ambitious joint Cancer Research project between India and UK

It is an honor as well as huge responsibility to join advisory board and to represent millions of Indian Cancer patients for 10 million pounds (86 crore INR) Cancer Research project between Cancer Research UK (which is the largest cancer research funder in the UK) and Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India 🙏.

I am proud to be part of such exceptional advisory panel who have senior leadership of Tata Memorial Hospital, National Cancer Insitiute, AIIMS, King’s college London, University of Cambridge, and University of Oxford.

We the advisory panel met in London to agree the final research challenges for this initiatives. After lots of brainstorming, our bilateral Advisory Panel has set seven research challenges under the theme of affordable approaches to cancer. We are calling on researchers in India and the UK to join forces to tackle these challenges.

Please visit our webpage (link below) which has further information on the initiative, including the scientific remit and eligibility guidelines, our Advisory Panel and our research challenges

In honor and love for my wife, my life Kusum Malik Tomar 💕, I hope to continue to make positive impact for our cancer patients and generations to come,

Vivek Tomar
Patient Advocate for Lung Cancer, Clinical Research and Timely Access to Latest Treatment in India
National Coordinator – ALK Positive Lung Cancer Global Community

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