Tutorial on how to get Import license for life saving medicines like in cancer, at no cost and on same day

Sad to see gangs cheating patients for thousands of Rupees to obtain Import License of life saving medicines/compassionate program 😞 though India drug regulatory authority CDSCO process is free of cost, online & take mins only.

I have created and published a step-by-step video tutorial on how to get Import License for Life Saving medicines in India, free of cost & possibly on same day. This video tutorial is available on youtube at link👇


Hope it wll help Cancer & other disease patients like rare disease to save their money & time.

Please do share this tutorial within patients & medical community, to help as much patients as possible🙏




Import license

2 thoughts on “Tutorial on how to get Import license for life saving medicines like in cancer, at no cost and on same day

  1. Hello Vivek Sir, I have read you’r and Kusum Mam’s story and have watched the Josh Talk video also. You are truly an inspiration for the cancer patients and to their families.

    Unfortunately, my mother has been diagnosed with grade – IV brain cancer 2 months back. Surgery has been done and now tomotherapy is going on. I am going through many videos on youtube and reading many of the diet plans and cancer best treatment daily.

    I am 28 years old and had lost my father in 2014. I have my younger brother and sister and have their responsibility too and don’t want something wrong happens to my mother. I will share all the reports required.

    Whatever Doctors has told me is not acceptable to me about the survival rate. But I know their are patients who has been cured from grade-IV cancer and I want my mother should be one of them. I know there can be a money crunch in future so looking for your help and guidance which can help me and my family to fight with this bloody cancer.

    Please help me if you can do anything about this.

    Best Regards,
    Vaibhav Kumar


    1. Sorry to hear about your mother’s diagnosis with Stage IV Cancer and pain of your father loss!!
      Please do send me the treament history and biopsy report (if done) at my email id ‘risetosurvivecancer@gmail.com’ …I will try my best to help in treatment navigation


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