Breast Cancer Action Month

“October” is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” but actual need is of “Breast Cancer Action Month”

It was wonderful to be part of IHW Council ongoing initiative on Breast Cancer Action Month and amazing panel with India’s leading Oncologists, Researchers, Government Representative, Policy Makers, Social Workers and Industry stakeholders on one of the most important topic i.e. “Importance of Research and Clinical Trials in Breast Cancer Care“.

Research & Clinical Trials role in Breast Cancer (as like in all other Cancers in India) is an unmet medical lead hence it was critical to share Patients‘ perspective & experience on such an important topic in front of key stakeholders.

In breast cancer, India has less than 5% of global clinical trials. If we don’t have research, if we don’t have clinical trials, if we don’t have access to latest treatment then how can we beat India’s no. 1 Cancer? How can we protect India’s Women health??


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