Clinical Trials and Kusum’s story in “The Week” news magazine

A year back Kusum/ our story was covered by India’s largest circulated English magazine “The Week”, as cover story. They published a special issue on Clinical Trials under “Trial, and error”.

Though in India, clinical trial is shown majorly as bad name however this publication shared the other perspective of Clinical trails, how it is essential to save millions of life, how it could provide access to latest treatment without which patients especially from Cancer and Rare Disease are horribly suffering and dying.

This cover story covered interviews of many such patients and also prominent Doctors, stakeholders and Health Minister of India Dr J. P. Nadda.

It has now 1 year since this story has published but I am thinking what has changed in last one year? Have we achieved the goal? Have the system and policies changed enough to fulfill unmet medical need?

Unfortunately the answer is No!! Though I do agree that there are some improvement in last one year and thanks to all stakeholders including government of India however it is not sufficient at all. Even not able to fulfill minimum urgent medical needs to save those innocent lives. #ClincalResearch #ClinicalTrails #AccessToLatestMedicines #RiseToSurviveCancer

Have a read of the story at link below, to under clinical trails, its needs and situations in India:



2 thoughts on “Clinical Trials and Kusum’s story in “The Week” news magazine

  1. I want your some time to motivate my mama ji. He is a cancer patient and know he is weak and loss his confidence please help me and my family.
    I think you give him a another chance to survive .
    Please help us.
    When your health is right please give me some time and tell me I live me in Delhi.


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