Clinical Trials – A Ray of Hope for Cancer Patients

Anyone who understand Cancer, can also understand the fear of two R i.e. Recurrence (Cancer Recurrence, post it went away once) and Resistance (Development of Resistance to current medicines after successfully having those for some time) especially when standard treatment options are so limited in India. Therefore best hope for Long Healthy Survival in Cancer is access to more & more options that could only be possible via Clinical ResearchClinical Trails.

Clinical Trials specifically play key role in life saving for those cases where all available approved treatment got exhausted and Clinical Research is only hope. Patient could get access to a new medicine much before that medicine would come to market via approval, that too free of cost and for us Cancer patients, it matters!!!!

I have experienced uphill task in trying to access a clinical trial for my wife  Kusum, which was the only treatment option available for her, that could saved her life. Thankfully, after months of efforts & struggle and support from some wonderful folks from Doctor, Industry and Media community, we got access of that clinical trial, who then saved Kusum.

Even today Kusum and many other Cancer patients in India, are looking for access to global clinical trials hence access to latest treatment/ medicine but with NO or limited luck.

Dear Policy makers, Researchers, Doctors, Pharmaceutical Industry, Hospitals and Media team – Please understand clinical trial can make a difference between life and death. For Cancer patients, time is limitation and we cannot wait forever to improve the clinical trial access situation in India.

Hope we would be heard!!

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