“Progression” What it means in Life…

My close, superstar friend “Linnea” inspire me to analyse this word ‘Progression’ from every aspects of life….YUP !!!! I found so many colors, bright, dull, happyness, sadness with “Progression”…

I amazed how it is so variable…At ones end, it means Satisfaction, Coolness, Achievement & Worth-paying and for another side Shocking, Restless, so many question marks, Dissatisfaction. Yes, same coin with two different side… at one side Progression is for Job, carrier, education, achievements immense pleasure and other side for me and my fellow warriors of cancer, beginning of fight again as reports says “Progression” in Cancer.

Cancer Progression is truth!! By hook or crook we have to accept it. It is on us, how we welcome it.

….I do with with fully open arm and smile that is called our spirit and justice with word “Progression”. NO Bias.. HEY Lets accept it with full fighting spirit and smile my cancer friends… LOSING IS NOT AN OPTION

Yes, Lung Cancer has choose Lung Cancer Awareness Month to got progression, aggressive progression on me!!

Kusum Vs Cancer 🙂



3 thoughts on ““Progression” What it means in Life…

  1. Wow… You are a Fighter! keep your fight on! hats off to both of you…
    Inspiration for everyone across globe… you are the real star…
    You will be in my thoughts & prayers

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