Kusum, Cancer and our Love Story!!

“Kusum” – In Hindi, it means flowers. A flower is a creature of the universe which has the potential to create a beautiful world, influence people with its presence and even leave people with its sweet memories as it is done with life. That’s exactly how she is “Kusum Vivek Tomar”.

Thanks a million Vivek Kumar and Team of “God is not Fair??” for this beautiful tribute to my love, my wife Kusum Malik Tomar and presenting Kusum and my love story so beautifully in this 11 mins audio 🙏

Dear Friends – Please listen and share this 11 mins audio if you feel that it could bring smile and hope for someone fighting with tough situation.

Miss you soooooo much my love, my life, my jaan, my pari Kusum Malik Tomar💕


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