KarvaChauth, Kusum and I


Today, India is celebrating a unique, beautiful tradition or say festival called “Karva Chauth”. And I would like to share today about how my love, my life and my wife Kusum aka Vibha aka Pari and I have seen this festival, our relationship with “Karva Chauth”.

For my friends and blog followers abroad, “Karva Chauth” is a festival celebrated especially in Northern India, where married women ‘fast’ (without even drinking water) from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands. Today, I am not going into discussion why women, why not men, or scientific logic of this (which seems not though)……but yes, it is about KarvaChauth, Kusum and I.

On Karva Chauth, there was always that amazing feeling of love in air. This actually used to start a day advance of KarvaChauth when Kusum (as per tradition) used to put Mehndi (Heena) on her hands. And then we used to had most beautiful dinner of year…..a candle light dinner at home, romantic music on play….I was the one who feed dinner to Kusum with my hand, as her mehndi on hands were still wet so she cant eat food by herself. Eyes of Kusum speak so much that moment and every word was love, care and this beautiful relationship of husband & wife.

Then in 2012, she was diagnosed with last stage Cancer. That stupid girl still wanted to fast for me but Doctor did not allowed of her health and targeted therapy medication which cannot be given without food. Then I shared with Kusum, if Karwa Chauth has any power to longevity of life then I would like to fast for her. And I started this fast since 2012.

Every year, I used to fast for her long life and our love….Despite her poor health, we celebrated it with all traditions…She used to wear a Sari, mehandi, prayers, then long wait for moon. It never appeared on time HAHAHA. And you know, once children born, in our case Suryansh (our son), they become more exciting than us…Suryansh & all neighboring children keep asking each other “Has Moon rise (chand nikla kya?)?”….and once it came, a big shout everywhere “nikal gya chand (moon rise)”. Then opening of fast after looking at face of your partner and moon, through a mesh in presence of a diya (oil lamp).

But last year (2018), things were different…..Kusum had cough and we came to know that her cancer is progressing and lungs are chocking……..I don’t know why, Kusum became adamant to have fast herself for me…She called our oncologist and begged him for permission……….She has fast with full tradition last year. And I did fast for her….I jokingly challenged her that lets see whose fast has more power  but I forgot that she was such a beautiful soul and it seems God listened to her….I lost, She win…..She left me after few months!!

Today, its KarvaChauth again…….and I am missing you Pari sooooo much…..When I woke up….I was blank, not to understand what to do….I went to breakfast table as I have nothing to fast for now…..but sorry jaan, I was not able to eat…………..

So yes, I am fasting today again on KarwaChauth…..I am fasting for my kusum, my Vibha, my love…..also I am fasting today for all of you lovely couples out there…May God give you all love, long, happily married life and togetherness “Happy Karva Chouth

In love, memory of Kusum


3 thoughts on “KarvaChauth, Kusum and I

  1. Reblogged this on Rise To Survive Cancer and commented:

    My heart stopped beating with yours But I am taking each breath by your name….Time will come when we meet and rejoice again….Till then remember that I hold you close within my heart and there you will remain….Untill we meet again!!
    Happy Karva Chauth my love ❤️


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