Sharing is Caring

I was invited to share #Patients#Caregiver #PatientAdvocate perspective, learnings & expereince and to present & record the same as training modules for Ministry of Human Resource & Development, Governmant of India 🇮🇳 

I did shared, presented and recorded on two very important areas in fight with Cancer:
1) ‘Caregivers in Cancer‘ &
2) ‘Cancer and Clinical Trials

I am honored to become part of this panIndia education drive.

hope that the struggles, expreince and learnings Kusum and I had and what we did differently in our fight with Cacner (I would say incredibly successful fight)…will guide and help millions of new Cancer patients & families in their fight and win against Cancer 🙏



In love and memory of Kusum 💕

3 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. Hello sir,
    my mother was diagnosed to breast cancer in 2014 and underwent surgery chemo and radiotherapy and in 2018 she was metastases with cancer nodes in other part of body again she was going under chemo but this time medicine adversely affected her heart and I am also not financially very sound so have to treat her in AIIMS Delhi please sir help me to contact those companies for medicine and save my mother’s life.
    Please sir be my guide in this fight.


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