Kusum, I and Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Thanks to the internationally renowned news agency ‘The Quint‘ (winner of the three Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards and two Red Ink Awards) for covering our story & work for Lung Cancer Awareness Month (Yes, November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month)!!

And….what could be better tribute to my Kusum aka Vibha on our marriage anniversary today while releasing of this story/ video for raising Lung Cancer Awareness in India and globally.

Happy Marriage Anniversary Love ❤️…..This is for you and all Cancer Patients & families out there!!

Together We Can Change the Face of Lung Cancer….Losing is Not an Option!!

#lcsm #nonsmoker #ClinicalTrials #love #hope #courage #kusumVsCancer

Link of our/Quint 6 min story/video is as below or click on photo tab above to watch the story/ video


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