The mystery of India’s missing Clinical Trial results!!

In continuation to our efforts to push to improve India healthcare system, I am pleased to share that Kusum & our work & quote along with medical research fraternity leaders like Dr C S Pramesh (Director, Tata Memorial Hospital), Dr Anant Bhan (globally renowned Bioethics and Public Health Researcher), Dr Aju Mathew (from the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center in the US, and director of Kerala Cancer Care in Kochi, Kerala) published in science journalist Shreya Das Gupta‘s feature article in one of the world’s oldest and top general medical journalThe BMJ (originally called the British Medical Journal)”.

“India made the registration of clinical trials mandatory in 2009. But published results are only available for around a quarter of those registered between then and 2015, pointing to a lack of accountability and transparency”…It is great to see how this article is helping in raising much needed awareness of this issue, since its publication.

To change the system, one has to go to the system in same language that system understand with facts and figures….In past, whenever I tried to do conversation with policy makers on patients community issues, Research, Clinical Trials situations in India, they were asking for numbers and evidences (despite the issues well known)….Therefore as patient advocate, I took initiative to work the researchers, medical community and policy makers, to get connected those issues with numbers & evidences through publishing and presenting the data……And I hope it will ring the bell (Finger crossed)

This is just the start….this is for my Kusum, for research and for all Cancer Patients of India ❤️

Link of The BMJ article as below:

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