Lung Cancer – Breaking Down Myths for Better Treatment

Lung Cancer – a cancer with highest mortality rate in India and across the world. Lung cancer – a cancer with stigma of smoking disease however in India, more than 50% newly diagnosed cases are non-smokers, young and women. In non-smoking women, new cases are much more higher.

It was great opportunity to speak and share patients‘ perspective, experience and data to bust out many of these myths associated with lung cancer in India & globally, at esteemed IHW council.

IHW council a reputed platform where historically speakers include India’s top Oncologists, Researchers, Policy Makers (President of India, Central govt ministers etc) and Celebrities…..Therefore it was great that I was able to speak at this platform:
– to challenge stigma associated with Lung Cancer and call out for
– national lung cancer screening program,
– awareness program to raise awareness about misconception associated with lung cancer
– & access to latest treatment for Lung Cancer under Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Losing is not an option,


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