Why to celebrate International Women’s Day?

Today is International Women’s Day…since morning I kept thinking about the significance of this day..It is not Diwali or Eid or Christmas, which comes and go….It is for the most loving, strong and amazing creature of God ‘women’…Ohh sorry, I should say, as I believe, the best creature of God…..But is our job done after saying Happy Women’s Day….if we are not going to stop patriarchy? if we are not going to change our thought, behavior, attitude towards women? if thery are not having rights equally to men or stop being discriminated at work, at home? if they keep tortured with domestic violence? if they are not safe and being assaulted, raped all over the world?

On this year women’s day, I call out to bring change in the mentality of us ‘Men’…and what could be better to share than this poetry of actor, poet, social worker and dear friend and today’s birthday girl ‘Taranjit Kaur’….Happy Birthday Taran…and thank you for asking and reminding us men “क्या मुमकिन है?”

#happyinternationalwomensday to my brave amazing Kusum, my mother, my siblings, my relatives, my friend, my colleagues and every single women out there in the world…#HugeRespect and #ThankYou 🙏

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