Anyone with Lungs can get Lung Cancer

Today is last day of November, which is also “Lung Cancer Awareness Month”. Before this month end, I seek your two-minute attention please, to share and emphasize that:
–       Lots of new lung cancer cases are found to be in Non-Smokers, including in female and young, globally.
–       As officially presented in World Lung Cancer Conference 2022, ‘Air Pollution’ is now number 2 cause for lung cancer.
–       Lung Cancer killing more ‘Women’ than breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer together.
–       If Lung Cancer in ‘never smoker’ consider as a separate disease, that it will rank 7 in global cancer mortality.
–       90% of lung cancer patients diagnosed at stage IV only, because of either no symptoms at early stage or if any symptoms that used to ignored as well as misdiagnosed at any cold, cough as well as TB.
–       Lung Cancer is not one disease, it has so many types and subtypes with their own genomics, treatment that work in one mutation.  Even treatment like immunotherapy works in some types of lung cancer but not with mutations like ALK, EGFR.
–       Lung cancer is number one killer, starting to take face of pandemic globally with being diagnosed non-smokers, all genders and age…but still one of the lowest investments in lung cancer Research and Awareness campaign.
Hence please note that “#AnyoneWithLungsCanGetLungCancer” and lets raise better #awareness, #StopTheSTIGMA, push for more #research, fight against #AirPollution.

In same efforts, I am glad to partner with VOH, IHW council, AstraZeneca, Roche, leading Oncologists, media and policy makers to raise better awareness on these facts during #lungcancerawarenessmonth

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