Workshop: Evolving Lung Cancer Treatment: Clinical Research and the Role of NGOs and PAGs

In my final major assignment for this year as part of my Patient Advocacy social service work, I spent few days last week in Mumbai, India, conducting a workshop for non-profit organizations (NGOs), patient advocacy groups (PAGs) and Doctors/ clinicians, during 6th Annual Year End Review in Lung Cancer meeting (which is one of the most esteemed and largest events in the area of Lung Cancer in India).

A total of 108 representatives of leading NGOs, PAGs, hospitals have attended this workshop. My topic was “Evolving Lung Cancer Treatment: Clinical Research and the Role of NGOs and PAGs”.

It was also great to be in panel discussion with amazing Dr Sewanti Limaye (Director of Medical & Precision Oncology, at Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital) and Vandana Gupta (Founder Vcare), with moderator Dr Vanita Noronha (Professor, Medical Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai), such a wonderful discussion.

There was in depth brainstorming on how we can make ‘Lung Connect India (a unique initiative that is structured to support patients and caregivers of Lung Cancer in addressing their physical, functional, emotional, social, and financial needs)’ better accessible and supportive for all lung cancer patients and create better awareness.

For Humanity, For Hope, For Love,

#LungCancer #ClinicalResearch #PatientSupport #PatientsFirst #RiseToSurviveCancer

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