Stagnancy in Life: Horror symptoms of Cancer Progression

This blog was written by Kusum before her death and I found this today in draft section of our blogsite. Kusum missed to publish it, I think because of her deteriorated health condition…..As soon as I found this draft blog, I have to share/ publish it for her, in honor and love.

“This word “Stagnant” is itself a termite of life. Oh GOD !!! My whole family is on toes due to my symptoms of progression in Lungs, Bones and many other parts of body. The symptoms increases as night progress like continuously cough, pain in ribs, back & legs and vomiting, with shuffling time not at same time.

I am that person who constantly wants to challenge herself, evolve and grow. ‘Agitation‘ is opposite of ‘Stagnation‘. The one is ‘Life’, the other is ‘Death‘.

As fighting with my symptoms, sometimes I feel that they become fixed after putting so many efforts, medicines however sometimes no improvement. As my cough persists my all family members wake up almost whole night and bring their best so that I can get some relief…..But I can not see them in that situation, therefore I have started to tell them that now I am better and want to sleep so you all also please go to sleep……It is Vivek who still either not sleep or wake-up on my slight movement.

Hoping to get fully rid out of these and to break the Stagnancy in my life…after that new challenges are waiting for me with new treatment side-effects.

When we are no longer able to change a situation; we are challenged to change ourselves!!

Love and Hope for all,



4 thoughts on “Stagnancy in Life: Horror symptoms of Cancer Progression

  1. Inspired everyone with a beautiful smile in every
    condition of life………….#inspiration hero # for everyone🙏


  2. Hello , i hope you remember me …i am kaashvi ,me and suryansh were friends 3 yrs back untill i shifted… i read the story about kusum aunty and my heart sanked as all of a sudden u hear a shocking news about someone you know… i am grateful that we were in touch and i am very inspired by her
    Kusum aunty rest in peace


    1. Hi Kaashvi beta – ofcourse remember you!! Thanks for your message, kind words and love for your Kusum Aunty…..You are amazing, kind kid beta, Kusum always admired you a lot…We will come to meet you and also give you a call soon.
      Best wishes
      Vivek uncle


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