Research Matters


This morning when I woke up and checked my Twitter, I found that in an ongoing conference in Seattle, USA on “US National & Global Cancer Health Disparities”, Kusum Malik Tomar & our story and message for Better & Timely Access to Clinical Research & Latest Treatment for India Cancer patients was presented.

I am overwhelmed & proud to hear about the positive impact it is making at global level and inspiring lead Researchers, Doctors & stakeholders to bring latest cancer treatment to India🤞

I was not aware that my this message was being presented in this conference but glad it was. I have written this message in Feb post Kusum’s demise, to thank those who contributed to research medicines which helped Kusum to survive that long & to request them to continue their efforts. Since then this message is getting viral among different conferences & clinical research sector while gladly making some positive impact.

In loving memory of my love, my life, my wife kusum💕, I dedicate my this attached message to all, who is working & contributing directly & indirectly for Cancer Research & Clinical Trials be it Industry, Researchers, Doctors, Health Authorities, amazing Patient support groups & fellow brave & passionate Patient Advocates🙏…Keep doing your best, to help more & more like Kusum to survive longer quality life even at Stage 4 cancer!!




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