Hope and Regret – final 10 hours of Kusum in this world!!


Today, it is 3 months 7 days since Cancer made my love, my life, my wife Kusum to left us. Since then, every minute, every second, I am searching for Kusum, want to touch her again, want to hear her again, want to laugh with her again. Other than grief and missing her, there are lot of regrets. This blog is about one of those regrets, thread of hope and what happened in Kusum’s last 10 hours in this world.


In 7 yr fight of Kusum with this stage 4 lung cancer when she had almost 30 brain mets (including many big), tumors in both lungs, ovaries, uterus, adnexa, abdomen, spinal cord, leg & other bones….and where no medicine every worked at its best and for long time….Then almost every year there were time, when Doctors used to say ‘ ab kuch nahi ho sakta or time has come’…. It does not mean she never got afraid, she did!! Yes she got afraid and that too many times but every such time, I used to tell her that “Dont worry, I am here na, main kuch nahi hone dunga (I will not let anything happened to you)” and she always smiled and said “yes, I know”. In those 7 years, I have not let any stone unturned day and night, to save her while bringing all those latest medicines in India for her, with each other living life the best despite all struggle, spread so much happiness, hope and love and not only with friends and family but also with society and fellow patients.

Final 10 hours:

In final 10 hours of her life in this world, everyone (including Doctors, family members) lost hope as her condition was really poor, TLC were 67000, Oxygen level were too low, BP was low to a level of around 50-20…but she was keep fighting. When her BP reached further down, Co2 level crossed limits in brain and she was unconscious, then closed family members started to say final bye to her except me, I was not ready.

She was alive and it was big surprise to all Doctors in ICU, how she was alive as nothing left in her body, it was multiple organ failures.

My First and Last Goodbye:

After around two hours, when Kusum’s situation further worsened, then someone from family came to me and suggested that I will not able to say bye ever to Kusum if not now…Then I realized that I would be in regret whole life if I will not say final good bye when I have chance…I went inside ICU to say my first and last good bye to her.  Yes, it was my ‘First’ bye too in 7 years of our fight with Cancer. In those 7 years, I never said ‘bye’ to her….It was always ‘milte h or jake aata hu’ (see you). When I went inside, Suryansh (Kusum and my son) was with me and Kusum was in coma with no movement and closed eyes for hours but I know as she is alive, she will listen to me. She always listened to me. With feeling not to miss the opportunity to say final good bye when she is around, I had my final talk with her while Suryansh and I was holding her hands in our hands. Then I kissed her and said ‘good bye jaan’ and as soon as I said it, her heart suddenly stopped then and there and she passed away while holding our hands………. !!   Then I realized, what ‘Hope’ means, then I realized that not only love, I was holding her ‘Thread of Hope’ too.

The motive to share this story is not to make anyone sad but for a message that “Whether Cancer or not, bad time or not, friends or family, please be someone ‘Thread of Hope’. Hope and Love is most beautiful and most powerful thing.”

Share Love, Share Hope, Losing is Not an Option!!


11 thoughts on “Hope and Regret – final 10 hours of Kusum in this world!!

  1. No words Vivek..The strength and courage you have given to her in the past 7 years I don’t think anyone else would ever have …Your every blog is truly inspiring….God bless you and family…take care of Suryansh…

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  2. Yes I agree Vivek Tomar. Thread of hope! Till the last moment she was waiting for you,.. you were her strong pillar!
    It is time to stay strong and know that you have always done best of yours. Please take care of Suryansh as he must be missing his mom a lot🙏

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  3. its for me too feel sad about her death, actually i came to know about her via joshtalks where you share your whole cancer story. i tried to communicate her and want to help her but failed. then via twitter i request your wife to atleast for her email and she give in response. on email i have shared everything what i know and i dont know whether she read that email or not. if yes then she might be with you. but maybe its the destiny but at the end i salute you for your contribution for her survival.

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  4. Vivek you will get Kusum not only in this birth but in all your births.We have lots of learnings from both of you.You proved her this birth by taking care of her a lot that every husband cannot do and provided her immense support in every possible way of the world by leaving no stone unturned and providing her hope in every single moment thats why she lived for 7 years.From her She proved that the girls are very strong and can fight with so much power that she became the role model for most of the women.The good thing is that she lived every moment with you and your son happily.So she is in great peace and satisfaction where ever is she.May god give strength to you and your son.My prayers are always with you.

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  5. Hi, Sir
    This is Munish Kumar from Mohali (Punjab). I saw your video today and while I was hearing you I kept wondering that is she alive or not. But when you asked your wife to join you on the stage I was relieved/happy to see you both. And the cherry on the cake was when your son came on the stage.
    After watching the video I went on to this blog and when I read that she is in Heaven now it broke my heart. Being a father of 2 kids who are completely dependent on my wife for everything, I can’t even imagine how you and your son is coping with this.
    What can I say and nothing can take that pain away. I just want to pray to Waheguru to give you strength and show you and your son some path which can take that pain away.

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    1. Munish ji – Thank you so much for your love, care and wishes for me and Suryansh!! I have shared your message with Suryansh too. Such love like yours is giving us strength and positivitity.
      Best wishes to you and family with lots of love to your both kids!!


  6. Dear VIvek ji, thank u very much for bringing your story via josh talks..i saw it few days back only..the kind of determination you showed is truly an exemplary. .people like u are born once in a hundred years who have platonic and true love and make the phrase “tere liye to main chand tare tod launga” actually real.u are truly hero and champ😤😤😤

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