Deadly Air Pollution

Suryansh and I are proud to continue our love, our inspiration Kusum’s work of advocacy for betterment of our country and mankind. In continuation to same, we have supported very important short film by globally renowned news agency ‘Al Jazeera’ on ‘Deadly Air Pollution’.

Please must watch this complete film as available at below link to understand on how this invisible killer ‘Air pollution’ killing us, over loved ones, kids and generations to come through lung cancer, respiratory diseases.

Let’s work together to tackle this invisible killer……as we can avoid anything but NOT ‘Air’, NOT ‘Breathing’.

PS: You can also see a passionate, caring oncologist-in-making as Suryansh at 23:37 min in video.


Link to Aljazeera’s short film on air pollution:



#LungCancer     #LCSM    

#Love      #Hope


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