Speaker at “Asia Pacific Patient Innovation Summit 2021”

It was my honor to represent India and Patients Voice on ‘Patients’ Importance, Role and Impact on Policy Making’ at “Asia Pacific Patients Innovation Summit 2021”, in presence of policy makers, industry and patients organisations.

Great engaging discussion with fellow eminent panelist including Dr Urvashi Prasad of Niti Aayog (think-tank of Government of India), Dhavani Mehta (co-founder of Vidhi Centre of Legal Policy) and Ben Kamarck (Head APAC Novartis Public Affairs), where session moderated by Anubha Taneja-Mukherjee (Member Secretary, Thalassemia Patient Advocacy Group)

Amazing to see active participation from so many countries, all key stakeholder presence on table, very well planned and organized event.

Key take away: As it was emphasized “Reflecting the lived experience of patients & their caregivers/loved ones in policy making is critical for it is only they who truly know what it is like to face the monumental challenges posed by serious health conditions”. It is incorrect to assume that policy makers know everything about everything, you know your business like nobody else…”Partnering with patients can significantly improve the quality of healthcare system and lead to a win-win situation for any country.”

Hope it will lead the change for active participation of patient community in policy-making

#PatientsVoice #PatientAdvocacy #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs

On mission ‘Serving & Saving lives’,

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